international boarding school bonn, approach

With heart and mind, we prepare our students in the best possible way for the world of tomorrow. Frankness and diversity characterize our view of people and our approach.
Our goal is the academic advancement, supplemented by brushing up language skills and activities on a social, (inter-)cultural as well as recreationally instructive level.
We accompany our students individually on their way to their highschool finishing qualification (Abitur).
Here we respect each other, we are there for each other and you can feel secure.
There is a personal atmosphere. According to our mission statement, nationalities and religious belief are irrelevant to us – we are a community.
We support the personal development of our students, but also their sense of responsibility and consideration within the community.

What makes us

Here at the International Boarding School Bonn:

  • Everyone can get to know his or her talents and strengths and develop them.
  • Different cultures come together, we develope the intercultural competences of each student.
  • You are part of a cosmopolitan community.
  • You learn to give direction to your life and make good decisions.
  • We support your self-development.
  • Everyone is supported individually.
  • Young people have a structured daily routine adapted to them.
  • The welfare of the adolecents is our most important mission.

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