International Boarding School Bonn, frequently asked questions

Here we answer frequently asked questions about the life at the International Boarding School Bonn. If you have any further questions, you can always ask us personally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often may child can come home?

Our boys and girls can go home every weekend if they want to. After all they need their family.

Is the boarding school open during weekends, holidays and vacations?

The boarding school is open on weekends, vacations and special occasions (except for summer and Christmas vacations), so that no one would have to go home all the time.

What happens if my child become sick?

Students who become sick have to report to the
educator, who plans the next steps with the student and signs the the student out of school. If necessary, he or she will arrange a doctor’s appointment and care for the sick person throughout the day. Bonn has a very good medical infrastructure.

When moving into the boarding school, the adolescent has to have on them: health insurance, the required measles protection (2 vaccinations) and their vaccination certificate. In addition, the parents must provide information about previous illnesses and medications to be taken, so that the educators can react well in an emergency.

Can students get their driver’s license while living at the boarding school?

Yes. We appeal to the young people to plan the driving school dates so that they do not collide with exam periods, etc., so that there is sufficient time for them to work on school subjects.

Are students allowed to use smartphones and to watch TV?

Yes, smartphones are part of everyday life. It is important to us that the smartphones are used in such a way that personal communication is still possible. Nevertheless, the using of smartphones is not allowed in the dining room.

Of course, it is possible to watch television. Therefore we have two group rooms. Those who would like to stream a movie or series in their private room can of course do so.

What personal basic commodities should my child bring for life at the boarding school?

To feel at home, students are allowed to bring some of their beloved items.
Here you will find a checklist that you can go through together with your child before arrival.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed at Internationales Internat Bonn.

Are external friends allowed to visit the students at the boarding school?

Yes, they are welcome. Overnight stays are also possible after consultation with the educators of the boarding school and the parents.

How are alcohol, cigarettes and drugs handled at the boarding school?

The legal requirements for consuming alcohol and cigarettes also apply at the boarding school. Until the children reach the appropriate age, the educators make sure that neither is consumed. In case of suspicion, we carry out tests. When the age limit is reached, drinking alcohol is only permitted under certain conditions. For example, alcohol may not be stored or drunk in the students’ rooms. Smoking is of course prohibited in the building.

Drugs are not accepted in the boarding school. Anyone convicted of drug use or storage must leave the boarding school immediately.

Are students admitted during the current school year?

Yes, in this case we advise the parents regarding a suitable entry date.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.