Learning at boarding school

Learning at boarding school

The International Boarding School Bonn offers students an ideal, pleasant atmosphere for learning.
Learning and working are shaped by very different factors. Together with our students, we develop the appropriate strategies and learning at boarding school means to find suitable ways to achieve the best possible learning success. At the beginning, we analyze the current situation, agree on goals with the students and plan the first steps. In regular meetings, the tutors reflect together with the students on the steps they have taken and plan further steps on this basis.

Support for learning at boarding school

Our educational specialists supervise and support the students with their schoolwork, provide assistance, show learning strategies and motivate the students to work independently.
During the Silentium, residents can either work on their schoolwork individually in their rooms or come to our group study room for it.
In case of individual school difficulties, we can organize tutoring sessions by qualified tutoring staff.

Learning at International Boarding School Bonn is more then homework assistance. We want to support our students in the best possible way during their school career, which is why we offer learning workshops and tutorials adapted to the different grades every Thursday. The focus here is on various training courses, counseling services, or preparation for the school-leaving qualification (Abitur).

Learning workshop

Grade 9

  • Basics of learning
  • Language and reading training
  • Introduction to the German school system
  • Training “Learning methods & time management”
  • Advice on the choice of subjects for the introductory phase

Grade 10

  • Basics of learning
  • Introduction to the German school system
  • Language and reading training
  • Training “Lectures & Presentation” (Powerpoint, Excel)
  • Training “Transition from school to university 1”
  • Counseling on the choice of advanced courses for the qualification phase

Grade 11

  • Basics of learning
  • Language and reading training
  • Introduction to writing a technical paper
  • Training “From the idea to the text” (hypothesis formation, structure)
  • Training “Research” (Online University Library)
  • Training “Word processing” (Word, OpenOffice)
  • Individual supervision of the term paper
  • Advice on the choice of examination subjects

Grade 12

  • Basics of learning
  • Language and reading training
  • Training “Fit for the exams”
  • Training “Learning methods & time management” (learning plan, visualization)
  • “Transition school – university part 2” (CV, cover letter, accompaniment)
  • Simulations of oral Abitur exams
  • Intensive preparation week during the Easter vacations

If you have further questions regarding learning at the Internationales Internat Bonn, we will be happy to answer them personally!