Leisure time activities

Free time is important for recuperation from the young people’s school commitments. This allows them to gather new energy for their school day.
Our students can pursue their various interests at the International Boarding School Bonn. We offer a wide variety of leisure time activities at the boarding school, so that there is an individually suitable leisure program for everyone. The students can also spend the weekends and vacations at the boarding school.

Physical exercise as a leisure activity

We believe that regular physical exercise is important to balance the rest of everyday life therefor our students are required to participate at least once a week in our in-house sports program or to take advantage of the sports program offered by the Aloisuskolleg or an external sports club.

More leisure time activities

The residents of the boarding school have access to the wide range of leisure activities offered by our cooperation school, the Aloisiuskolleg.
The following “AG’s” and courses can be attended here:

  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Soccer
  • Field hockey
  • Athletics
  • Volleyball
  • Big Band
  • Choir
  • Film making group
  • Instrumental lessons
  • String group
  • Creative Writing
  • Orchestra
  • Theater
  • Astronomy study-group
  • Mathematics study-group
  • Physics study-group
  • Robotics study-group

Here you can find more detailed information about the leisure time activities offered by the Aloisiuskolleg.

In addition, we offer learning workshops at the boarding school adapted to each grade level.
Our recreational activities at the boarding school include regular baking workshops and various artistic activities.
Monday evening is our “group night”. On this evening, all students living at the International Boarding School Bonn come together. Current topics are discussed or we watch a movie together.
Of course, the young people have enough free time, which they can organize individually.

Leisure time activities at the weekends

On the weekends there is at least one group activity for those who stay at the boarding school. Here, the wishes of our students are taken into account. We are doing excursions in the surrounding area, visit museums and theater performances, organize games or even go go-karting or swimming together.

leisure time activities, international boarding school bonn

Vacations at boarding school

During the school vacations (with the exception of the summer and Christmas vacations), we offer the students who stay with us at the boarding school a varied vacation program. Trips to the seaside or project weeks are organized so that the teenagers can enjoy their vacations at the boarding school to the full

Leisure time activities