Meals at boarding school

International Boarding School Bonn, kitchen, meals at boarding school

Common meals at boarding school are an important part of social life and learning. By eating together in the boarding school, the boys and girls can experience a special sense of community. At the same time, the meals at noarding school represent a form of experiencing social and cultural aspects of togetherness. Our boarding school kitchen takes care of a balanced diet in the boarding school.

International Boarding School Bonn, breakfast, meals at boarding school
International Boarding School Bonn, common meals, meals at boarding school
International Boarding School Bonn, lunch,

Meals at boarding school

Our menu is diverse, it includes dishes made from seasonal and regional products, which are varied, balanced and, above all, freshly prepared and served.
Everyone eats differently, so of course we observe individual health (allergies and intolerances) and religious dietary regulations. We can also adapt to vegetarian and vegan students without any problems, so that the individual wishes and preferences of our girls and boys are also taken into account here.
It is important to us to use our nutrition concept to teach all young people how to use food responsibly in order to create ways for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet.
We try to avoid flavor enhancers, additives and artificial aromas as much as possible. Salt and sugar are only used to a limited extent.

Our students eat breakfast, afternoon snacks and dinner in the boarding school. Lunch is also served here on weekends and days off from school.
Here you will find an exemplary menu for a week at the Internationales Internat Bonn.
On the other days the students have lunch in the canteen of the Aloisiuskolleg.

There is a student kitchen available where the boys and girls can cook for themselves and others as they please.

International Boarding School Bonn

If you have any questions or suggestions about our nutrition concept at the boarding school, please contact us directly.