Generation portrait, self-confidence, life journey

I have been attending the International Boarding School Bonn for almost three years now and I am doing my “Abitur” this year.
The other young people who live here with me are all very nice and we get along well with each other. In our free time, we play table tennis or a game of chess, or chat together over a cup of coffee that we prepare in the modern coffee machine we have here. 
I also like the outdoor activities we do together. Especially riding and playing football were a lot of fun for me. The weekends at the boarding school are always very relaxed.
The educators are all nice and patient, and I am very grateful for the help and support they give me every time I need it.
Another aspect that I particularly like about the boarding school is the new, clean rooms, very neat and comfortable.
And when I do miss my family, I cook delicious Chinese food and feel almost at home. I consider myself very lucky to be here.
Yanchu Zhang