Community, diversity, fun

I have been attending the boarding school since summer 2018.
What I like most about the boarding school is the great diverse community we have here. I haven’t experienced so many cultures before, so I find this very interesting, it enriched my experience a lot. At the International Boarding School Bonn, you get to know a community that you rarely find elsewhere. Very close and sincere friendships are formed here, that are sure to last for a long time.
We always laugh a lot together and have a lot of fun with the different activities.
The supervisors are friendly, too. They are always willing to listen, and you can turn to them with any problem or concern. And the educators always come up with something creative, so it is never boring. For me, the best activity we did together here at the boarding school was our trip to Belgium.
Of course, sometimes I miss my family, but they are always a phone or a video call away, they ask me sometimes to turn the video on to show them the surroundings. It made them very eager to come and visit in person one day, to meet my friends and enjoy the scenery of Bonn and its surroundings.
Lara Hüser