The promotion and support of the linguistic development of our international students is very important to us. The International Boarding School in Bonn is excellently geared towards individual language support for students.
The international students complete a language assessment test in their mother tongue, which is counted as a second foreign language in the upper level, so that they only have to take one foreign language as part of their Abitur.

German as foreign language

We offer “German as a Foreign Language” (DaF) for our international students on a weekly basis. The language support is adapted to the individual needs and learning focuses of the young people so that learning structures and processes can be taken into account. DaF-lessons take place both as group lessons and as individual lessons.
In addition to German as a foreign language, our language tuition also includes “German as a language of education” and support in learning lesson-specific specialist vocabulary if required.
The international students have the opportunity to take a certificate examination in the German language, for which we prepare them well.

Reading training

Our regular reading training focuses on pronunciation and text comprehension. Here, the students learn to grasp the key messages of the text, to classify the texts in a larger context of meaning and to draw complex conclusions from what they have read.
When choosing our reading material, we make sure that it serves to develop socially relevant topics. For example, reading the “Diary of Anne Frank” not only improves reading skills in general, but also deals with the subject of “Germany under National Socialism”.

Our range of support for international students goes far beyond language training.
Further information can be found here.

If you have further questions regarding language promotion at the International Boarding School Bonn, we will be happy to answer them personally!