tutoring, international boarding school bonn

At the International Boarding School Bonn we don’t offer only language training. We offer the young people comprehensive tutoring in various areas.

Method training

Participation in school lessons in Germany can represent a major change for students who come to us from abroad. School lessons in Germany usually require the active participation and cooperation of the students. Monotonous frontal teaching is an absolute exception. Group work, the preparation of presentations and independent learning and working are an integral part of German school lessons. That is why we at the International Boarding School Bonn introduce our students to the special features of school instruction in Germany. Furthermore, with us you will learn how to deal with a wide variety of teaching operators and how to work with factual texts. In the school subjects German, English, history or the social sciences, analyzing facts and texts is part of the class. At our Internationales Internat Bonn, we introduce the students to the creation of analyzes and encourage them to think independently and critically.
The residents of the International Boarding School Bonn are prepared through our workshops, trainings and lectures for topics that may be relevant to them in the German education system. For example, we show them how they can work with computer programs such as Excel or Word in school lessons. The boarding school students learn to research independently and create presentations.

Character development

A high degree of self-organization is required of schoolchildren in Germany. We show our girls and boys strategies that they can use in everyday school life so that they can pursue their school career in the best possible way and as stress-free as possible. In Germany, schoolchildren are trained to learn independently, it needs to be practiced! That is why we train at the International Boarding School Bonn to” learning to learn”. International and national current events are regularly discussed so that our students are able to form their own opinion on political and socially relevant topics and to make a well-founded contribution to topics from the political or societal field.
At the Internationales Internat Bonn, your children are raised to be independently thinking individuals.

tutoring, international boarding school bonn

Insight into the university

As part of our tutoring, we would like to prepare the students for their time after going to boarding school and for their studies in Germany.
German universities differ from many universities abroad. The great variety of courses and subjects offer a number of options for young people. The focus is on imparting methodological and theoretical knowledge. Many renowned universities in Germany, e.g. the University of Bonn, enjoy a large number of students, so the students must be able to organize themselves and learn independently.
In order for the young people to be able to get a first glimpse into the world of studying in Germany, we regularly go on excursions to the university and organize exchanges between our students and professors at the University of Bonn.

Job application training

Regardless of whether you want to apply for an internship in Germany, a semester abroad, a part-time job or one day for your first permanent position, you have to be able to create your own CV and write a letter of motivation. We at the International Boarding School Bonn prepare students for the world of work and teach them how to create their own CV and how to optimally prepare for the application process in Germany. Since almost everyone has their first job interview one day, training in German job interviews is also part of our support program at the International Boarding School Bonn.

Integration programme

In order for our international students go through a successful integration process and feel at home quickly as possible in Germany belong to our tutoring by conducting regular field trips to ensure that the students get to know the country and people. The promotion of intercultural skills in all of our boarding school students is an integral part of our daily life together.

Special tuition

Our internal tutoring is supplemented as required by individual remedial lessons in the individual school subjects such as mathematics, physics, English or biology. Fundamental technical gaps can be closed here so that the connection in regular school lessons is not missed.
For this we work together with external tutors.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.