registration, international boarding school

Are you and your child interested in International Boarding School Bonn? You can imagine your child living and learning with us in the future? Then let us initiate the registration of your child together.
We have deliberately designed the admission procedure for our boarding school in such a way that you and your child have the necessary time to make this important decision. At the same time, it is important to us that the procedure is clear and transparent. It offers the opportunity at any time for you and your child to ask the questions associated with admission to our boarding school.

Step 1 – Let us advise you

We will be happy to answer your initial questions by e-mail or personally by phone. In a detailed discussion, we can talk together about the selection of a possible cooperation school and your desired entry date. At the same time, we will present the offer of our boarding school to you in detail.

Step 2 – Send us application documents

To register, please send us a letter of motivation, the completed registration form, and your secondary school transcripts by e-mail.
Of course your documents will be treated confidentially and will only be used to carry out the registration. If your child is not accepted, we will immediately delete all documents.

Step 3 – How well does your child speaks German

For all students who are not native speakers of German and who want to take the Abitur here in Germany, sufficient German language skills are of utmost importance. Together with the receiving school, we want to determine whether the German language skills are already sufficient.
If the German language skills are not yet sufficient, we will make suitable offers for your child. For example, our German teachers can help to further develop the knowledge.

Step 4 – We want to get to know your child

We would be honored to invite you and your child to an interview in Bonn. This is an opportunity for the school and the boarding school to get to know the future boarding student better. Here we do not ask about school knowledge, rather we would like to gain an impression of the personality.
This interview can, of course, also be conducted online, especially if flights of several hours can be avoided in this way.

Step 5 – Get a first impression yourself

The trial period of residence is an opportunity to get to know the school, the boarding school and its residents as well as the surroundings. In a few days, your child can gather impressions that will be helpful in making a decision about our boarding school.
Only the most important things need to be brought along for the trial living.

Step 6 – Finally! Move into your own room

After signing the contract, the student can move into the boarding school room on the agreed date. This is already fully furnished, but can be individually decorated as desired.
Before arrival, the boarding school will send the students a checklist with all the things they should ideally bring with them when they move in.

Required documents

In order to ensure that your child’s admission process at one of our cooperating schools proceeds as quickly as possible, we require the following documents at the time of registration:

  • all original school reports (translation into German if necessary) from grade 5 onwards
  • proof of all foreign languages learned at school so far
  • if German has been learned as a foreign language, we need a language certificate, if available
  • letters of recommendation or other certificates, if available

We are looking forward to meet your child and you in person!