international boarding school bonn, fee

The fee for attending the International Boarding School Bonn consist of fixed and variable boarding school costs. The fixed boarding school costs include accommodation, meals and pedagogical support.

  • It is possible to apply for one of our scholarship places.
  • As a rule, we will send you the boarding school invoice by e-mail on a quarterly basis.
  • There may also be additional costs for attending one of our cooperation schools.
  • If applicable, costs for school materials may be incurred.
  • You should allow sufficient allowance for your child.


Admission fee (one-off payment)200 €
Boarding school fee (monthly)2.300 €
Individual support lessons (per lesson)according to cost rate
Leisure activities during the week and on weekends*according to cost rate

*Usually not more than 30€ per person/week on average for activities.

If you have any further questions regarding boarding school fees, please contact us.