international boarding school bonn, scholarship

Our scholarships are designed to help young people achieve their own goals. Not all families can fully support their children in this endeavor, so we would like to support these children. Our scholarship program is designed to enable some students from all over the world to attend boarding school, while at the same time emphasizing the diversity of the boarding school.

Support and diversity

We want to support young people who want to shape the world of tomorrow with their hearts and minds. A scholarship from International Boarding School Bonn helps families to finance boarding school costs. A scholarship depends on the individual requirements of the applicants and the possibilities of their families.

A total of five scholarship places are available. These are awarded to one girl or boy of each nationality. In this way, we want to attract students from all over the world to attend our boarding school.


It is not only good academic performance that is decisive for the award. The personality of the scholarship holder is also important.

In addition to the general application for the boarding school, an informal application and information on income are also required. A handwritten letter of motivation with details of strengths and weaknesses as well as previous and planned educational background is also necessary. This should also describe how the scholarship holder would like to contribute to society after school and studies.