Aloisiuskolleg, International Boarding school Bonn

The Aloisiuskolleg stands for excellent school education. The Jesuit high school is only a two-minute walk from our boarding school. The Aloisiuskolleg with Ignatian Pedagogy looks back on over 100 years of history and experience.
As early as 1900, the Aloisiuskolleg was taken over by the German Province of the Society of Jesus – at that time, however, still in the Netherlands. In 1921 the Aloiskolleg moved to Bonn district of Bad Godesberg.
Beside school education, great importance is attached to the personal development of every student. Young people are brought up to be judgmental individuals. Sense of responsibility and social commitment are particularly encouraged at this school. The students receive a holistic education in the Jesuit tradition.




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Students of Alosiuskolleg

Here, girls and boys are accompanied, supported and encouraged from 5th grade up to the Abitur, the german high school diploma. At Aloisiuskolleg, the students are the center of attention. Everyone is accepted as a humanbeing and is part of the school community. Students from all over Germany as well as from abroad are welcome here. Even though Alosiuskolleg is a school of the Catholic Jesuit Order, the school is open to all children.

Classes at Alosiuskolleg

At Aloisuskolleg, 20 to 25 students are taught together in one classroom. The high school offers 18 different subjects.
In addition to the modern foreign languages, English, French and Italian, the humanistic languages Latin and Ancient Greek are also offered.
Above all, the subject area of mathematics is particularly promoted from the MINT area. In the weekly mathematics club, students can deepen their mathematical knowledge and prepare for various mathematical competitions in which Aloisiuskolleg participates.
Religion plays an important role in everyday school life. Regular church services and compulsory Catholic or Protestant religious classes are an integral part of everyday school life.
The Aloisuskolleg supports all students regardless of their achievments. All children who have started with high school since the summer of 2018 are led to the Abitur in nine years at Aloisiuskolleg as a regular program. Students who come from other high schools or from abroad, are offered entry to the sixth form (EPh) at Aloisiuskolleg.

Here are two exemplary schedules for grades 9 and 12 at Alosiuskolleg.

Middle school

At the beginning of middle school, students choose a compulsory subject. They can choose between the following subjects:

  1. Ancient Greek
  2. French
  3. Computer Science
  4. Ancient Greek and French

During middle school, girls and boys are prepared for their entry to the sixth form.

Sixth form

In grade 10, students have to do a social work internship where they can gain their first internship experience and see what it means to help others.

The goal of the teachers at Aloisiuskolleg is to lead their students to a good high school diploma and thus prepare them for studies at the best German universities.

Free time at Aloisiuskolleg

Aloisiuskolleg offers more then the conventional school lessons. Students are free to choose from a wide range of leisure time activities. For instance, in addition to sports, students can take part in school theater productions or attend the Orchestra at the Aloisiuskolleg. The high school’s astronomy club has its own observatory on the roof of the school.


The Alosiuskolleg in Bonn Bad Godesberg has a very large area, which create an optimal learning and recreational atmosphere. The area includes its own church with crypt as well as sports fields and tennis courts. In addition to the library, the self-study center and recreation rooms, the school possesses their own observatory.